Permits and Fees

Building Permit Fees: Sec. 4-251 thru Sec. 4-254 (Ordinance #1141) Article VI.

New Single Family Dwelling (Fees include one open deck when constructed with new dwelling) Dwelling: $0.20 per square foot / Attached Garage: $50.00
Multi Family Units $0.20 per square foot plus $50.00 per unit over one unit
Additions to living quarters and addition of enclosed decks and porches $0.20 per square foot / Minimum $100.00
Alterations, repairs, and remodeling that include structural, electrical or plumbing modifications (For example, fire damage, storm-related damage,kitchen or bathroom remodeling, total house renovation, converting garage into living space and other related or similar repairs. No additional fee for adding open deck.) $0.15 per square foot / Minimum $100.00
Commercial/Industrial (New construction, additions and remodeling) $0.20 per square foot / Maximum $5,000.00
Attached garage added other than during new construction, detached garage or accessory building and agricultural structure or garage. Additional permit fees apply for plumbing, electrical or mechanical permits, if applicable. $0.10 per square foot / Minimum $25.00 / Maximum $250.00
Open decks, porches or stairs without other construction $50.00
Outdoor pools above ground pools over 100 square feet In ground pools Outdoor pools Above ground pools over 100 square feet In ground pools
Fence permits $30.00
Electrical Permits $50.00
Mechanical Permits $50.00
Plumbing Permits $50.00
Signs and billboards (one time fee for initial placement) $100.00
Communication Towers $300.00
Co-location on communication towers $150.00
Renewal of location improvement permits within the 30-day grace period (After the 30-day grace period, renewal will be treated as a new permit). $25.00


No permits are needed for: concrete or asphalt flatwork; siding; gutter replacement; painting; roof sheeting and roof replacement with no structural changes; and door, garage door and window replacements with no change in opening size.

Sec. 4-252 Inspection Fees

First re-inspection fee for changes required during initial inspection $25.00
Additional inspections after first re-inspection $50.00
Required for reconnection of electric or gas service $50.00
Requested inspection outside normal business hours $50.00 per hour / Minimum $100.00

Sec. 4-253 Other Building Fees

Obtaining occupancy permit $50.00
Appeals to Board of Zoning Appeals and notice $200.00
Administrative appleals to Board of Zoning Appeals $50.00
Appeals for building codes, and building commissioner's or inspector's interpretation of the building codes to the Board of Works and Safety $50.00
Subdivision requests (major/minor) $200.00 Plus $15.00 per platted lot
Petitions to re-zone $200.00
Petition to vacate or amend subdivision $200.00
Copy of zoning ordinance on disc $10.00
Annual rental property registration, per unit, including apartments $25.00
Hotel/motel and rooming house annual registration $100.00
Contractor registration fees First year $50.00 Every year thereafter $25.00 Expired registration $50.00
Demolition/razing permit $50.00 per building
Non-profit organizations $25.00
Annual Fee for outdoor sales and displays or storage $25.00

Sec. 4-254. Fines

The City of Knox Planning Commission shall adopt a schedule of fines and penalties pursuant to I.C. 36-7-4-1018 and I.C. 36-1-3-8.  The assessment of such fines and penalties will be utilized in lieu of court action for any violation of this ordinance.

(a) Starting work prior to obtaining the applicable permit-3 times the permit fee Plus applicable permit fee

(b) Failure to request required inspections-$100.00

(c) Failure to obtain contractor registration-$500.00

(d) Failure to obtain Certificate of Occupancy following construction-$250.00

(e) Violation of Stop Work Order-$1,000.00 per day

(f) Failure to obtain rental registration-$500.00

Sec. 4-255---4-275. Reserved

SECTION 2.  Any fees or charges not listed in this Ordinance which are contained in or promulgated pursuant to any concurrent ordinance or resolution shall remain in full force and effect unless and until duly modified.

SECTION 3.  All fees and charges contained in any concurrent ordinance or resolution inconsistent herewith, are hereby repealed to the extent of such inconsistency, but in all other respect such ordinances and resolutions shall remain in full force and effect.

SECTION 4.  The sections and provisions of this ordinance are declared to be severable and any portion which is declared inoperative or invalid for any reason by a court of competent jurisdiction shall in no way affect the remaining sections or provisions of this ordinance.

SECTION 5.  This ordinance does not affect any fee established prior to the effective date of this ordinance, does not waive any fee or penalty due and unpaid on the effective date of this ordinance, and does not affect the validity of any bond or cash deposit posted, filed, or deposited pursuant to the requirements of any ordinance.

SECTION 6.  This ordinance shall become effective and be in full force and effect after its passage and approval by the Mayor.

Accepted and approved on April 8, 2014.