Trash / Recycle Pick-Up Schedule

Trash and recycling pick-up services in the City of Knox are provided by Republic Services, LLC effective August 1, 2021. Trash pick-up will occur each week on Thursdays for residents on the west side of US 35. Trash pick-up will occur each week on Fridays for residents on the east side of US 35. Recycling pick-up will occur every other Thursday for residents on both sides of the city.

2024 Trash Schedules

Empty. Clean. Dry.

Be sure your recyclables are empty, clean and dry before you toss them in the recycling container. By practicing Empty. Clean. Dry. with our families, we can ensure the recycling materials leaving our homes are in fact recyclable. Together, we are caretakers of this blue planet. It is worthy of every effort we can make to protect it for our children's children. For more information on what can and should be recycled, please download our free guide to recycling.

Residential Container Placement

Proper container placement is the key to automated trash and recycling services. Have your container to the curb by 6:00 am of your collection day. Place your container at least five feet from any object, like a tree, pole, fire hydrant, mailbox, electrical box, etc., and at least five feet away from cars so the automated arm can reach your container. For more information on the proper placement of your containers, please download our free guide to placement.

Trash Container Placement