OCRA COVID-19 Response Grant Program

The City of Knox has received approval for a grant through the State’s COVID-19 Response Program. Local businesses may be eligible to receive a portion of these funds. The funds from this grant are intended to be used to provide working capital to local businesses for job retention. NOTE: The funds distributed from this grant do not need to be paid back to
the City, it is not a loan.

To qualify for these funds, your employees will need to complete an income survey (which is easy to do) and would have had to been issued W-2’s. If you are a sole proprietor, you would have also had to issue W-2’s to your employees and if you are an LLC, issued yourself a W-2 as well. Non-profits do not qualify for funds from this grant.

The application and income survey are available for download:

Anyone needing assistance completing this information can come to the Knox Community Center, on Wednesday, May 13th from 5 p.m.– 6 p.m. Copies of the materials will also be available at this time. Social distancing protocols will be followed accordingly.

All applications along with any required supporting documents and the income surveys are due by Friday, May 29th and may be placed in the drop-box at City Hall located at 101 W. Washington St. to the attention of the Mayor’s office.

For further information or questions, please do not hesitate to call the Mayor’s office directly at 772-4553.

Click here to download the entire press release.

Date Published: 2020-05-11 11:10:00