2022 City of Knox Family Fun Day & Fireworks Show Planning Has Begun

We are pleased to announce that the planning for the 2022 City of Knox Family Fun Day & Fireworks Show has officially started! We have realized that with the proven continued support and generosity from our community, this event grows bigger and better each year! The donations that we receive have continued to allow us to add more attractions, vendors, and family activities for all ages. This would not nearly be possible for us to do without your support.

We understand that everyone has had to make difficult decisions financially and appreciate donations of any amount that support this event. As this hometown event continues to grow larger each year, we see an increase in the number of visitors from surrounding areas to our parks and businesses. We hope the additional visitors through our city result in a significant economic benefit to our businesses! It is our hope that this event is becoming one that generations of Starke County families will attend and enjoy for many years to come!

Donations of any amount can be made at any time for the Fireworks Show and are greatly appreciated! Keep in mind that the GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE sponsorships need to be received by June 1, 2022, to meet all media deadlines. Business and/or individual donations of any amount will help defray our costs and help us to continue to make this event better every year!

Date Published: 2022-02-10 15:02:00